cute n cuddly 3d animation i did for this week’s assignment
only 9 seconds and it took me like 11 hours sobs into hands

lame first attempt at animating with a character rig plops over

my emotions are so fragile the slightest breeze could turn them into kingdoms of dust

week 3 exercise for my stopmo class!!!

for this exercise were given 3 random words, then we were prompted to make an abstract stopmotion animation to convey the emotion of those words (my words were fragile, thought, and rhythm)

my really fuzzy n lame stopmo assignment for the first week of school

eggie bear

sad bunny girl

sad bunny girl


a little ambient animation


mushy animation practice…. thinkin about cleaning it up some more and coloring it maybeee

another lil chunk im workin on  uwu

still workin on it


idk what im doing


step step step

step step step

i am a man of simple pleasures

i am a man of simple pleasures